Living in a Box

Coming to you live from New York, it’s Saturday night.

At least I think it is…

Not sure what # day of quarantine this is but here is an unsolicited update on my life.

  • I’m feeling ALL sorts of things, whether I’m “unpacking” them how I wanted to is a whole other story.
  • I’m still not really taking my meds on time/schedule the way I should be
  • I worked out HARD yesterday for the first time, and I’m insufferably sore but my goal is to keep it up with at least 3 vigorous body workouts a week for the time being.
  • I would like to finish my crystal certification course!! (Adding that to the list of to-dos)
  • Read a bit more, still have yet to finish a book but I had one night of solid progress…
  • Let the flood gates open on online shopping… NOT good for the bank account, but good for the soul
  • Obsessed with the show All American on Netflix- I know this is cheesy but there are literally so many valuable lessons in it #icryeveryepisode
  • Baked a cake today
  • On the food note I have good days and bad days with regards to eating healthy
  • Still need to dive deeper into my record collection
  • No update on the “lol’s” because I feel I am texting less and less (so hit your girl up to test her out)

In all seriousness, quarantine is really showing people what is important in their lives when their outside world shuts down. It’s not the fancy things you have that matters, it’s the people, it’s health, it’s the moments and the purpose outside of the everyday routine. It begs you to answer the question are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with your life? Look at all the celebrities struggling right now in their giant mansions with all their money. What does it all mean when you cant show it off or spend it?

This should teach us to truly value and cherish the family and friends we hold dear. Isolation also encourages us to value the freedoms we have even more when we have them. I know I sure do miss traveling and exploring new places and things, but I have to learn to make the best of the situation.

How can we be creative during quarantine? How can we better ourselves or the lives of our loved ones in crisis? I’ve seen some people handle it very well. My family brought me joy over the phone by facetiming me during trivia over the bonfire. Tomorrow they are designating each room in the house to a country where each person will serve food and drink inspired by that part of the world. I saw one friend turn her living room into an old-fashion jazz club for the night. I’ve also seen people really not know what to do with themselves and many who have had several mental breakdowns. I know it’s not fun and games for everyone, but in stressful times like this it can be important to incorporate some love and life into your everyday with a little creativity and open-mindedness. Stay sane people. Let me know some of the fun ways you’re improving your quarantine and I hope to include more in my next post.




2 thoughts on “Living in a Box

  1. Hi. You sound nice and chipper, under the circumstances. Good to hear. One thing that occurred to me while reading your post had to do with your plan for 3 vigorous workouts per week going forward. From someone who is often starting and stopping a new exercise regimen, I wouldn’t be so committed to that plan if I were you. Going from little to no exercise to 3 tough weekly workouts can be risky. I’ve gotten hurt that way a bunch of times. It took me a while to learn that lesson. Your body will let you know when it’s done working out for the day if you listen. And it will let you know when the next time to workout will be. It gets easier each time to understand your body’s cues. Just wanted to share that. Stay well.

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