So much going on, too much to say.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus shutting down the literal outside world and forcing me to work from home during a transition into a new role, I’d like to take a seond to reflect. Trust me I love working from home as much as the next lazy guy/introvert, but it’s been a lot already and it’s only day 3. I really miss my multiple monitor setup #firstworldworkprobs.

My goal for Coronacation is to get my life on the track that I want it on instead of making excuses for having no time to do so. Everything I’ve been wanting to do I can pretty much do in my 4 by 4 cell — I mean room.

  • Finish a f–king book lol.
  • Do guided yoga in the apartment
  • SAVE money
  • WRITE MORE ( clearly still in phase 1) – letters and blogs
  • Unpack/connect with myself on all the emotional shit I’ve been bottling up for months.
  •  By god if I don’t send these birthday packages out to my friends this week…
  •  Uhm IDK .. .EAT HEALTHIER. If anyone was wondering I’m off to a very bad start on this one
  • Take my meds when I am supposed to
  •  Play more records/discover new music
  • Do laundry
  • Deep clean room
  • Do something good for someone in need (virtually)
  •  NOT rip my eyebrows out
  • Plan a trip
  • Feel good about myself and the way I look

That’s about it off the top of my head, I hope to post an update in a few days as I intend to hold myself responsible. Open to any and all suggestions to add to my to-do list/or any help on any methods or ways you guys are handling this time. I am having a really hard time staying confined to a small windowless space, but I am enjoying some alone time. However; my sense of disappointment in myself is extremely heightened in this environment for some reason. It’s probably the pile of un-done laundry I now have to stare at instead of being able to ignore when I go to the office. The only person who can change my feelings or my actions is ME. It’s such an easy concept to see and understand but actually putting it into action can feel really impossible sometimes. I need some inspiration and motivation.

Going to try and post a lot this week so check back in later –  Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy 🙂



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