NYC Livin’ 2020

NYC Livin’

Yes, you read that right. I, a grown ass adult, have finally moved into the big city. If you know anything about me, you know how long I’ve been waiting for this. The last few months of commuting and work and just the season of life had been extra tough on me. So far since moving out, I’m happier, poorer, a little ruder and possibly even healthier (if not physically than mentally for sure). Instead of what I’d normally say here like how I’m hoping that with this move brings a new chapter of blah blah blah… I’m gonna say that I will be writing much more and sharing way too much information I’ve decided.

In the spirit of the new year, I’d like to put a couple of my resolutions here in writing so I can hold myself accountable and amp myself up. Before I do though, I’ve seen so many posts on social media about how we should be setting “intentions instead of resolutions” and people saying “we are great already, love yourselves- and all that. YOU GUYS a resolution is essentially just a choice to do something?!!? AND you can love yourself  and still want to see change or progress and there is nothing wrong with that. I for one think it’s perfectly healthy to want to grow and make goals. So without further ado, I present to you my resolution #1, to become more independent. 2019, you taught me a lot about freedom, whether it was when I had a lot of it, or when I felt I hardly had any, it showed me how much I value and desire it. Also something that goes hand in hand with that, is FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, someone teach me it. Thanks. Moving on, I then of course would like to continue my quest for confidence and self-worth. Two important things I am frequently lacking. Finally, I’d like to read more and do some real digging into my spiritual path and self. So there are some things I hope to check back on in 2021.

Skipping around per usual, here are today’s little reminders that I found in my notes of my phone (which is where I typically keep topics I want to write about that come to me while I’m on the fly):

  • Sometimes ya need to hit rock bottom to really get your life back on track – (or get it started on a new track)! Similarly, sometimes negative thoughts and emotions can be a “healthy” way to lead to better ones.

Ok so re-reading that, it sounds dumb, and it took me a hot minute to remember what I was going for when I wrote it, but I think I meant it to mean that growth comes in many imperfect forms, and like many things, dark thoughts can be a catalyst for change. So if you’re having a really bad day, don’t beat yourself up.. .for beating yourself up.

  • Be your best everyday because if you’re not then what’s the point. Make a change. don’t be lazy. Face the hard truths. truly think about your situation. How can you improve it? How can you change your mindsets? What do you want out of life? The bare minimum? Where will that take you

How did this post turn into yet another mental health lecture? I swear every time I set out to write a fun one, it turns into this. I clearly want motivated Megan back and by god I will conjure her I swear if its the last thing I do.


Ta-ta for now!

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