Report Card

‘Bout time I gave you guys some new content, if you’re still out there to read it that is.

I’ve recently decided that I would like to add a little more variety in terms of what I write about and types of writing styles to add to my little repertoire, just for myself honestly. I feel like a lot of my stuff has been super “advice-y” which is totally fine, but I’d like to add some more life updates, list-style posts, opinion pieces on topics of interest, and maybe even a short story here and there. If you have any other suggestions please comment or lmk.

So today’s post will be a hodgepodge because I’ve been meaning to do this for quite sometime, but life got in the way, and I’m still learning how to prioritize and manage my time better as the adult that I am now. Lol. I truly feel that writing is an outlet similar to therapy where I can vent freely without worrying about bugging people or dealing (directly) with judgement, except with writing I don’t have to pay or schedule an appointment. So with that being said, let the venting begin. I’ll start with the life update portion. It’s been a BUSY few weeks-last month +. I’ve been working a LOT and chances are if I’m not working I’m at the beach or I’m out with friends spending the little money that I have. In the chaos that has been my life, I realized I stopped or got really bad at doing things that used to be normal for me… like when did I stop taking pictures of things and views and start only taking pictures of myself? Like nobody needs to see pictures of me that often, like nobody. Plus, I used to love capturing images of beautiful things and beautiful moments, I’d really like to start making that a habit again. Truth is- Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the things that were once important that can sometimes take a backseat when life changes your situation and priorities. Always remember to do the things that keep you.. well you! I’m not just talking about the feel good little stuff either, I’m talking about all the stuff that keeps you sane, functioning, and happy. For example, I would say since starting to work in the city I have been very bad at keeping up with a lot of things that would fall under these categories… so I’ve decided to evaluate.

In all of these different portions of this post I feel like I’m really going to give myself an assessment of who I’ve been as a person over the last few months. After careful and thorough consideration I have decided to give myself a C- this semester of adulting… teetering on D+ and barely enough to pass, but nonetheless I am still standing and ready for next semester. The sad part is I didn’t just make that up I literally gave myself a grade for every category below, put it into a spreadsheet and averaged it out. You probably didn’t need to know that nerdy detail but now you do. I’m just feeling like I’ve been doing the bare minimum to stay afloat in certain aspects of life while totally neglecting other aspects that have been demoted on my priority board with the start of a new job. The following report card has been filled out to reflect the areas that need improvement, as well as the things the student (me) exceled/performed adequately in: Cleanliness in the home: F, Exercise frequency: F, Dieting habits: D-, Alcohol use in moderation: D, Unnecessary spending when intoxicated: F, Spiritual growth: C (stagnant), Timeliness: D+, Having a backbone: D, Sleeping 5 or more hours: D, Donating blood: F, Job: B+ , Nurturing relationships: A-, Keeping the peace: B-, Ambitiously accepting financial opportunities: A, Taking time for little things that I enjoy: F, Gratitude: C+, Self-respect: C, Love life: F, Traveling: C+, Caring for appearance C-, Saving $: B-, Spending time in nature: C, Paying it forward: C, and finally, Self-care ( includes caring for mental and physical health): D+.

These categories are the things that are or have been important to me now or at some point in my life. Some of them overlap, some were harder to come up with a grade than others, some are probably exaggerated, and some are definitely missing altogether. I just hope this serves as a wakeup call/reminder to myself that I even when life gets busy I have to take a step back and make time for what is and always will(/should) be important.

so that’s my little deal for today- hopefully I’ll give you something more fun later this week.

Ta ta for now though!



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