Is there such thing as birthday etiquette?

Is there such thing as birthday etiquette? 

I feel like this topic is kind of taboo because it’s easy to come off ungrateful and self-absorbed but I’m going there anyway because …safe space.


Something I really need to work on for my 23rd year is to stop being so fucking NICE. Sorry I’m about to get salty.


Don’t get me wrong I can be mean and dismissive when you REALLY piss me off, but if ONE more creepy guy at the bar hits on me and I’m not into it, but still offer to buy THEM a drink… I will launch myself into a brick wall.


I realize everyone shows they care in different ways, but if I am putting in the majority of the effort into our friendship year round, and am making you feel appreciated and loved when you need it and going out of my way for your birthdays and achievements, and you can’t even wish me a happy birthday or make an effort to do the same for me ONE DAY A YEAR then I am doing something wrong.


I also know everyone approaches birthdays very differently and that’s fine, this particular year I just felt like I put a lot of love into my friendships and a good amount of my friends forgot my birthday or made no effort to remind me they care. It happens and it’s not like I’m ever going to hold this against them, but I really need to stop putting so much of myself into one sided relationships- moral of the story. So with that being said, I love to talk about this point because clearly it is a value of mine. I am SO appreciative of the friends I have who make such a remarkable effort for me either on my birthday or any other day of the year. Listen I don’t care if you get me nothing or bail on seeing me, as long as you tell me or show me that my friendship means something to you at some point, because it is only human to want to feel appreciated. Sometimes people are busy and people forget things or get wrapped up in other things, but I think this birthday just triggered me because I realized I really need to stop letting people take me for granted.


My take on birthdays is pretty simple, this is literally the perfect opportunity to make people feel good and feel cared for. I am (obviously) a BIG believer in this. Girls these days are so stingy and weird about posting pictures for their friends on Instagram… like who the F cares. If it is something that makes my friend happy on a day they’re supposed to feel their happiest then I’m going to post for them. Your relationships are SO important and don’t let it get too late before you realize how important they are to your livelihood. Use it or lose it, but it only works when the effort is coming from both sides, and that goes for all relationships. So tell your mom you love her and thank your dad for putting you through school or whatever it is that may let them know how much they mean to you and how appreciative you are for the things they do, because trust me it’s important, and trust me, people notice. I cannot stress enough how good it felt for those of my friends, family and bosses who made an effort for me on my birthday. THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL, I also love you even if you forgot my birthday. I’m really just begging for people to love me so… just do it???


Just DO it.


I need to just stop letting people in my life who treat me like ass back in without saying a word. I need to put my foot down, because if I never learn to do it, then I will always be miserable and hurt. Keep your standards high and enforce them in all that you do. Never settle for shitty friends, shitty partners, shitty treatment of any kind. Put your best foot forward and don’t stop giving your all to the ones who are deserving of it.


Tuesday reminder to be a good friend/person!

Love you all!


I am definitely going to regret this post later, but yolo.

 Also it’s really stressful choosing a cover photo for these everytime so I went with another selfie because this post is pretty self absorbed anyway so. 

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