Stop living conveniently, start living passionately

Stop living conveniently, start living passionately- An important concept that can be hard to execute, and hard to keep in mind when making decisions big or small. I think people have such a tough time implementing this because of the society we live in today. There is so much pressure surrounding financial stability and choosing safe lifestyles that comply with the norms and what you think you should be doing. Also once you get comfortable doing something, or have done it long enough for any change of pace to be considered a waste of previous efforts, the idea of breaking the mold becomes increasingly more difficult. For example, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars getting an education and realizing after you might not want to do what you studied after all. Yes, you spent the time and money on it, but what is it worth if it only gives you a life of mediocrity and discontent. Success is defined differently by different people, but can you really consider yourself truly successful if you are miserable every day. Also, something people and studies are realizing and acknowledging more and more these days is that you are much better and much more likely to rise to the occasion and increase your productivity at a job that you enjoy/ work that makes you happy anyway. So maybe you’re around the corner from 40 and you’ve been at the same job for years without a promotion or drive for change. Maybe you’re in your late 20’s doing a job that “isn’t terrible” but isn’t great either. Maybe you’re doing just fine making rent payments and affording a comfortable lifestyle. But is that what you want? To be just fine and just comfortable? Would you pass up on the opportunity to live a life that makes you want to say “Fuck yeah, I can’t believe this is my life” every time you wake up? Don’t settle for average.

You might be thinking, it isn’t possible, or it isn’t as easy as it seems. Why yes skeptic, I see where you’re coming from. Lots of influential people have said many things along the lines of “If you want something in life, take it” and go on to make it seem like every little thing you’ve ever wanted is at the tip of your fingers. While there is something to be said for this mindset, I do understand that it is not applicable to everything and anyone. Yes, I do think you’re dreams are supposed to be big and scary, just like the Nike commercial says, and yes I do believe that the most successful people who took a leap of faith that ended up paying off have hard work, determination, and a little bit of luck to thank for that. I preach about the book You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero, and she totally convinced me that this was possible, and for the most part, I still believe it is. I believe you can totally turn your life around if you want to. Do I think if you dream of being the president of the United States you can change your mindset and it will happen? No, sorry, but I encourage you to try anyway because you just might land somewhere grand along the journey. I preach a set of rules and beliefs that I don’t necessarily follow. In fact, most of the blogs that I write serve as reminders for me to take my own advice, and they allow me to revisit some of my deep thoughts and values… but, back to topic. Not everyone wants to make such a bold move in abandoning such a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle for a fantasy. I’m also not necessarily suggesting that either. However I’m just asking you to really think about what you want, and your life in general. I know change is scary and intimidating, and I know that some of what I’m encouraging could mean you losing/giving up A LOT, but just ask yourself if it’s worth going after, if it’s worth taking a risk if it means being really truly fulfilled and happy? It could mean being uncomfortable for a little while and maybe you don’t want to do that, but I’m asking you if you’re okay with your current life being all there is. Maybe you want more for yourself? Take this as your sign to explore that thought, put that idea into action. Make the difference in your life/ the world that you want to make, whatever it may be. Fill your life with things that make you feel good, and have no shame in doing so. Stop living in fear and realize that if you DO take the jump that it WILL be ok, people WILL forgive you and true friends will understand the”betrayal” or whatever it may be that’s stopping you if it means fulfilling your life’s dream/passion. It will be ok, and so will you. So if you want more for your life, if you have a buried passion then it’s time to unleash it and let you be you.

Maybe you don’t know what your passion is? What inspires you these days? Maybe it’s a book you read, maybe it’s a political figure or a role model of sorts. Maybe a speech, a ted talk, a movie, an act of kindness, a CEO with passion and drive, a person you met who gave up everything to rescue animals and live on a farm, an athlete who overcomes injury and adversity and reaches new heights constantly, whatever it may be for you, harness it, and capitalize off of the moments that this given inspiration motivates you to follow your passions. Maybe you care deeply about the environment, or maybe you care a little bit and just haven’t explored your interest enough to know any better. Take the next step, or better yet, take a huge leap. Do one of those year-long waste-less projects where you collect all your waste and try to keep it to the absolute bare minimum. No, it’s not convenient, but that is the point, you will feel AMAZING after, and you’ll want to share it with everyone, and that’s another thing… you absolutely SHOULD! Don’t hide who you are because you’re living in fear of being judged! Share your passions and your dreams, it will help you connect with others who may have the same passions, beliefs or values. Utilize social media for good, you might end up being the inspiration someone else needed to turn their lives around.

Do it for you. Think about yourself, be entirely selfish because no one else can make this decision for you. It is up to you and only you. Do your future self a favor even if it means putting current you in an inconvenient uncomfortable spot for a little while. Take that leap, and follow your dream.

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